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Late Summer Date "Picks"

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

I cannot believe that it’s already the middle of July and summer is practically halfway over! While I’m sad about how fast this summer is going, I’m determined to make the rest of it amazing!

I’ve been mentioning my boyfriend, John, a lot more frequently in my posts lately, and that’s because he has become my #1 “partner in crime” and adventure buddy. We have been together for a year and a half now, and in that time we’ve explored new restaurants, cities, states, and even countries together! But we’re unfortunately both pretty busy people (even during the summer), so I find myself appreciating and cherishing whatever time we do get to actually spend with each other. And because of that, whenever we have an upcoming “date” planned, I try to come up with new, fun places and things for us to experience together. I always keep a list of date ideas in my head, so we never get stuck in the horrible "I donno, what do you wanna do?" banter. Yes, summer may be flying by, but I won’t let it go away completely without checking off these late-summer date ideas:

☀ Drive-in movie - This one is my favorite one to go to in Wisconsin

Farm to table dinner - I recently heard of these, and I’ve noticed them popping up little by little (at least in Wisconsin). You go to a literal farm (yes, it's clean and decorated nicely) for a dinner, and every course that’s served is made with fresh, local products. Read more about it here.

Winery, brewery, or distillery tour - you’re never too far away from one of them! And it's a good indoor activity for when weather doesn't cooperate!

☀ Berry picking or an open-to-the-public farm - it’s still berry-picking season in some places, or maybe you’re lucky enough to live close to a beautiful sunflower field that’s open to the public!

Book a hotel room for a night - John and I are doing this next week in Chicago, so we can stay out late without having to worry about getting home. Plus, we don't have to make the bed the next morning!

☀ Farmers Market - then cook with what you buy!

Kayaking or stand up paddleboarding (SUPing) on a nearby lake - there are lots of places to rent from!

Hiking and a picnic lunch - find a spot with a view for an outside lunch date!

Adult video arcade - like a Dave & Busters (or Gameworks for those of you near Chicago). It's a fun way to escape the heat of summer, and it might bring out your inner-child!

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Do you have a fun date idea for summer? Let me know in the comments! And as always, thanks for reading!

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