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The Best Things to Buy at the Farmers Market

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

If you read my Summer 2018 Bucket List, then you know that one thing on it was to attend a farmers market at least once this year. So despite the weather being hot, dreary, and overall not ideal for doing anything outside Saturday morning, I took the plunge and decided to make this the weekend that I ventured out to do some locally-sourced shopping. I’m so pleased with what I found at the Beloit Farmers Market, and I decided to share with everyone why I love attending farmers markets (even if it means having to wake up early and fight the crowds), and what some of my favorite farmers market products are!

Farmers markets are beneficial for a variety of reasons - some you may not even realize! Besides giving you the chance to find fresh, in-season produce, farmers markets help support family farmers and small businesses, which are many times consumed by larger companies or government-regulated agencies. They also help promote the humane treatment of animals, since the animal-based products that are sold at them (meats, cheese, eggs, etc.) typically come from animals that have not been given hormones, and are raised on free-range farms, where they’re fed natural diets. And since shopping at farmers markets means you’re buying mostly local, organically-grown products, you’re helping the environment by limiting the pollution and the amount of natural resources and packaging that shipping food to places uses. Take a look at some of my favorite farmers market finds:

↣Fruit - I grabbed some peaches this time and they're absolutely delicious!

↣Veggies: beans, zucchini, "salsa garden" veggies (corn, peppers, onions, etc.)

↣Locally made honey and/or jam - Seriously so much better than store bought!

↣Artisan baked breads - What can I say? I have a weakness for carbs!

↣Fresh cut flowers! They're pretty and help to brighten up the home!

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Do you go to your local farmers market? Let me know what some of your favorite things to get there are! And thanks for reading!

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