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Products for the Planet (June 2018)

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

This past month was so busy - it felt like I blinked and June was over! Regardless, I’m proud to say that I kept up with the majority of my blogging goals, including posting about a new natural, eco-friendly, and/or cruelty-free beauty product on my Instagram feed each week (@catherinesjoy). And as promised, I have rounded all of them up to tell you a little bit more about why I love them, why I don’t feel guilty about using them, and where you can find them to use for yourself! Scroll down to read about June’s #productsfortheplanet!

1. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In + Keratin

Why I love it: Great things come in small...bottles? The name of this product totally fits because of the ‘miraculous’ things it does for my long, thick hair. It does an incredible job of smoothing, hydrating, repairing, and protecting my practically untamable mane!

Why it’s guilt-free: It’s a 10 is a proud supported of the Leaping Bunny Program and The Humane Cosmetics Act (read more about what that is here). They’re committed to doing what’s best for hair, animals, and the environment!

Where to find it: I actually picked up my current bottle of this magic hair potion at a Pick N Save grocery store, but you can find it at any Walmart or Target store for about $20.00 (I know that seems kind of expensive, but one bottle lasts a long time!).

2. Wet n Wild Lavender Créme Nail Polish

Why I love it: I actually have a few different shades of Wet n Wild nail polish, but I particularly like this color because it’s bright, fun, and perfect for summertime! It goes well on nails or toes, and it actually lasts a long time without chipping (even though it only costs about $1.00!)

Why it’s guilt-free: I love Wet n Wild for more than just their affordability - I also love them because they are never tested on animals!

Where to find it: Walmart and Target carry Wet n Wild products, but I found the largest selection of nail colors at Meijer.

3. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Why I love it: This is hands-down the best bronzer I have every used. Most times, I feels like bronzers look too fake, shimmery, or dark. But this butter bronzer looks natural, goes on smoothly, blends in perfectly, smells amazing, and is lightweight on my sensitive skin! It gave me a perfect glow during my recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Why it’s guilt-free: I wrote about a different Physicians Formula product in my last Products for the Planet (May 2018) post. But again, I love Physicians Formula for its commitment to never testing on animals.

Where to find it: I got mine at Target for about $12.00! (And check out their full Butter Collection while you’re at it!)

4. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Hand and Body Lotion

Why I love it: I honestly bought this product on a whim because I was out of my daily moisturizer. I was just passing by the Alba Botanica section in Target when saw this product, and it reminded me that I was out of my body lotion, so I threw this in my cart to give it a try. And let me tell you - I am so glad I did! The cocoa butter in this product hydrates and conditions my skin, and it also smells heavenly (my boyfriend even commented on how nice it smells after I applied it).

Why it’s guilt-free: It’s made from 100% natural, vegetarian ingredients, is paraben-free, and Alba Botanica does not test on animals!

Where to find it: I have the best luck finding fully-stocked Alba Botanica products at Target (that’s where I got this lotion for about $4.00), but I’ve also seen it carried at Walmart, various drug stores, and even TJ Maxx!

Have you used any of the above products before? What did you think? Let me know about it in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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