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How to Make Winter a Little More BEARable

After a very mild start to the season, Winter 2019 has finally arrived in Southern Wisconsin. The WI/IL stateline has gotten over a foot of snow over the past week, and the windchill is currently sitting at -20°F. I’m trying my absolute hardest to stay positive and embrace the cold, snowy weather, but I have to admit that it gets hard sometimes: my skin is dry and cracking, it gets dark out sooooo early, and I seem to constantly be sniffling. But living in the Midwest my entire life has helped me to condition myself for the winter, and over the years I’ve found unique ways to stay optimistic and get myself through the coldest part of the year! Here’s my list of some of the things I do to make winter a little more BEARable (Yes, pun is definitely intended!):

Ways to Make Winter a Little More BEARable:

  1. Make plans for the weekends! One of my own personal goals lately has been to not “live for the weekends.” I’ve been trying to do fun things throughout the week, but let’s face it - there’s nothing better and more relieving that the weekend. Unfortunately, weekends can get boring and repetitive throughout the wintertime. That’s why I try to make plans for every upcoming weekend, and a lot of the time, those plans include trying a new, fun winter activity. For example, I tried downhill skiing for the first time last year, and it’s now become one of my favorite things to do on the weekend during the winter! 🎿

  2. Practice self care! Take a multivitamin every day, wash your hands, pamper yourself, and kick your feet up and relax every once in awhile!

  3. Make home improvements. Since there really isn’t much of an opportunity to get outside to do projects, winter is the perfect time to make improvements to your indoor living space! Maybe you have a room you’ve been dying to paint, deep cleaning that’s well overdue, or a fun DIY project you’ve been wanting to try! Watch some HGTV, and get inspired! 🏠

  4. Plan a trip to look forward to. I’m currently in the beginning stages of planning a spring break trip! More details about where I'm heading coming soon! ✈️

  5. Moisturize! I am constantly washing my hands and applying hand sanitizer all throughout flu season - especially since I work at a school (aka the ultimate cesspool for germs). And while all of that sanitizing helps to keep me from getting sick, it also dries out my hands! Invest in a good-quality hand and body moisturizer, and apply liberally every day! The cold, dry air can be brutal, and cracked skin is not fun!

  6. Dress for the weather! The older I get, the more I believe in functionality over looks. (Yes, I still like to wear matching outfits and cute winter gear, but I also have no shame in dressing in multiple layers from head to toe whenever I need to leave the house.) Buying yourself a new cute (but functional) winter coat or pair of snow boots can make bundling up a little more exciting!

  7. Pick up a new hobby. Since you’re stuck inside anyways, winter the the ideal time to pick up an instrument, refresh your foreign language skills, or learn how to cook!

  8. Find a new TV series to binge watch every night. Winter is the ideal time of the year to get invested in a new show! John and I are currently looking for a new one to start, so recommendations are welcomed! 📺

  9. Avoid the cold by investing in thick blankets, cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, and warm beanies! Indulging in your favorite mug of hot cocoa, coffee, or tea doesn't hurt either! 😉

  10. Embrace the cold or move somewhere warm! Sometimes you just have to face the fact that there’s nothing (besides moving away) that you can do to stop winter from coming, and rest easy knowing that you’re not alone! And if you’ve absolutely run out of patients for Midwest winters, moving someplace new and warm could be an option (just bring me with you!) 😊

What’s your go-to way to stay warm and happy throughout winter? Let me know in the comments!

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Stay warm, my friends! And as always, thanks for reading!

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