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How to Create Your Own Sunshine

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

In a world that’s full of hatred, negativity, criticism, and comparison, sometimes it’s hard to find light and positivity in life. I’ve been through more loss, heartache, and disappointment than many 20-somethings probably have, but over the past few years, I’ve taught myself the importance of reflection, self-care, and how to lift myself up during dark times. I used to believe I needed other people in order to be happy, and while there are certainly people in my life who improve my quality of living and emotional health, I’ve grown and matured enough now to know that the only person in control of my own happiness is myself. And I let myself find that happiness in some of the most unlikely places and in some surprising ways. If you’re finding yourself down or in a rut, read through some ways I make my own sunshine (even on the darkest of days), and the inspirational quotes I turn to when I need that motivational spark!

Ways to Make Your Own Happiness:

🌻 Find a hobby that you love - My newest hobby that I’m focusing on is writing (blogging), but there are lots of fun activities to emerge yourself in!

🌻 Eat some of your favorite foods - I feel the best when I’m eating my favorite healthy foods, but sometimes I just really need a bowl of ice cream to make my mood improve!

🌻 Practice yoga and meditation

🌻 Write a list of things you’re thankful for - aim for doing this once per week!

🌻 Call up old friends and laugh about past memories

🌻 Get outside! Breathe in the fresh air!

🌻 Watch your favorite “guilty-pleasure” movie - Mine is definitely Legally Blonde!

🌻 Find a workout that you enjoy, and actually do it! For me, it’s running, but maybe you’re more of a pilates, Crossfit, BBG, or Orange Theory kind of person.

🌻 Make to-do lists (include some easy things like doing the dishes or making your bed on it) and cross off things as you finish them! There’s no better way to make yourself feel accomplished!

Favorite Quotes about Making Your Own Sunshine:

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I hope everyone has a great week! Let me know some ways your create your own sunshine! As always, Thanks for reading!

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