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Friday Favorites: 'Love Beauty & Planet' Shampoo and Conditioner ♥

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

I remember hearing a long time ago that it’s important to regularly change the brand of shampoo/conditioner you use in order to ensure that your hair care routine is effective and actually cleaning your hair. While I’m now about 90% sure that this advice is nothing but a myth, I do still like to experiment with different hair products, and I will switch things up and try new shampoo/conditioner treatments from time to time.

This past year I’ve really been making a conscious effort to remove any “guilt-ensuing” products from my beauty routine. I’ve been trying to find and use only green, cruelty-free products. Over the course of my mission so far, I’ve found many new brands that I absolutely love and will continue to use, but I’ve also come across a few that just “didn’t do it” for me. Yes, I want my beauty routine products to be kind to animals and the environment, but I also need them to do the job their intended to do (i.e. clean, wash, moisturize, refresh, etc.)! One brand I discovered a couple months ago checks off all of those boxes - and more!

I first came across 'Love, Beauty & Planet' while casually strolling through the beauty aisles at Target. (Of course I didn’t actually need anything in that department, but who can go to Target without at least browsing through it?!) The pretty colors and designs on each bottle of shampoo and conditioner were what first caught my eye, and the brand had my full attention after I looked closer and read the product details on the bottles (no animal testing, no parabens, vegan, ethically and sustainably sourced extract, recycled bottles, etc.). I first bought sample-sized bottles of their “Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower” collection to try the brand out. (I didn’t want to fully commit...yet.) After the first wash, my hair felt stronger, more hydrated, and full of bounce! So as soon as I finished the sample bottles, I went straight for the full-sized bottles! Since I do get my hair highlighted - admittedly, not as often as I should - I’m currently using the Murumuru Butter and Rose shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair to keep my locks looking healthy and vibrant! I don’t think I’ll be switching up shampoo/conditioner brands again anytime soon, and here’s why:

Why I LOVE ‘Love, Beauty & Planet’ Shampoo and Conditioner:

  1. There’s a collection for any hair need! Dry hair? Hydrate it with the ‘Shea Butter and Sandalwood’ or the ‘Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower’ collections. Frizzy hair? Tame it with the ‘Argan Oil & Lavender’ line. Damaged locks? Repair it with ‘Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang.’ Want to keep your hair color looking vibrant after your trip to the salon? Use the ‘Murumuru Butter and Rose’ collection. Just looking for a refreshing feeling? ‘Tea Tree Oil & Vetive’ is for you! I'm definitely planning on experimenting with many these collections - depending on what my hair needs at any given time!

  2. All of the products smell amazing! And the scent lasts all day long! As I said above, I’m currently using the ‘Murumuru Butter and Rose’ collection for my color-treated hair. The rose scent is heavenly and I can even still smell it 1-2 days after washing!

  3. It actually cleans my hair and lasts a long time before it gets greasy. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that I’ve had to buy/use less dry shampoo since starting to use 'Love Beauty & Planet' products. The natural ingredients really clean my locks and keep them looking refreshed!

  4. All of ‘Love, Beauty & Planet’ products are super affordable! While I do try to take good care of my long, thick locks, I’m not one who likes to spend outrageous amounts of money on my hair care routine. Fortunately, this brand of shampoo and conditioner makes my hair look, feel, and smell incredible - and for drugstore prices! I get mine from Target - both bottles of shampoo and conditioner for under $15! How awesome is that?!

  5. Above all else, the main reason why I love this brand is because of their commitment to the planet. One of the main reasons why I first tried 'Love, Beauty & Planet' shampoo and conditioner was because of their brand’s story, values, and goals. They’re friendly to humans, animals, and the environment, and they advertise how they show that friendliness and compassion right on their bottles: no animal testing, vegan, ethically and sustainably sourced extract, 100% recyclable, no dyes, no parabens, no silicones, no guilt, etc. Furthermore, they have started a “Small Acts of Love for the Planet” movement, which encourages women to feel good and do good. And the company is leading by example by setting and working towards six eco-friendly goals for a better future: sourcing ingredients responsibly, reducing waste, saving water, reducing their carbon footprint, supporting environmentalists, creating new and innovative beauty products. There’s just so much love in each bottle! ♥

Not looking for a new shampoo/conditioner? Love Beauty & Planet does more for you than just hair care! They also have a wide variety of body washes, lotions, oils, deodorants, and other beauty routine necessities! If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend checking out some (or a lot) of their totally guilt-free products! :)

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What shampoo/conditioner do you use? Why do you love it? Let me know in the comments! And let’s all considering #joiningthemovement to make the world a better place! As always, thanks for reading!

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