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Friday Favorites: A Review of Mario Badescu Facial Sprays

Since starting Catherine’s Joy almost a year ago, I have become more aware of new and unique health & beauty products on the market. One I’ve observed people going absolutely nuts over recently are the Mario Badescu Facial Sprays. I’ve been using the brand’s Drying Lotion to help treat pop-up pimples and stubborn acne for over a year, and I definitely cannot deny its magical ability to “kill” pimples almost instantly, but I was a little skeptical of the sprays. But I received a three-set of the sprays for Christmas and after using them for the past few months, I’ve decided that I am well-enough informed and experienced to write a review post of them! I will be writing about the 3 sprays you can find in the Spritz. Mist. Glow. Set that is sold at Ulta Beauty.

I’ll admit, I used to be very critical of facial sprays - claiming that they were nothing more than bottles of artificially scented water - but I absolutely cannot deny the results I have noticed since I began regularly using the Mario Badescu ones. Spoiler: I love these products, and this is a 100% positive review! Let me give you a brief history of how I can to this conclusion about them:

I started changing my tunes about facial sprays after a very frustrating, and sudden, fight against acne. I’ve been very fortunate in my life to not have struggles with frequent acne, and I had not had a prolonged breakout for at least the past 6 years - but that all changed this past fall. I can’t remember ever going without at least one giant, painful, and very noticeable pimple from last September until January of this year. (Yes, I know a pimple isn’t the end of the world, but it got to be very frustrating - especially since I did not know the cause of it!) I ended up chalking it up to my half marathon training - claiming I was just sweating more than usual on my long runs, but when my breakouts continued even after my race in October, I didn’t know what to put the blame on. I tried so many things to end my fight: trying different face cleansers, washing my face more, not wearing makeup, taking skin-health supplements, etc. But nothing seemed to help! That’s why I felt like I had nothing to lose when I starting using these Mario Badescu Facial Sprays. And after seeing some incredible results, and noticing fewer breakouts, I’ve made these three incredible products a part of my regular skin-care routine! Read on to find out why I love these facial sprays, and how/when I apply them!

Why I Love Mario Badescu Facial Sprays:

1. All Mario Badescu products, including these sprays, are cruelty-free (Mr. Bean approves!)

2. The sprays are affordable! $7 per bottle, or $21 for the Spritz. Mist. Glow. set! Not too bad for bottled "water" ;)

3. Each spray smells amazing

4. Using them helped clear my acne!

5. They all offer different benefits! Read my descriptions and how/when I use each one below!

This peppermint-infused, antioxidant-packed facial spray is the one that I probably use the most, because I spritz my face with it right after I get out of the shower!

I typically use this spray after I apply makeup, or throughout the day whenever I feel like my skin needs a booster! It gives my skin a re-energized, dewy glow!

This one is supposed to help you skin feel calm and comfort. Since I associate lavender and chamomile with sleepy-time, I use this one right before I crawl into bed at night.

Do you use facial sprays? Have you tried the Mario Badescu brand before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! As always, thanks for reading!

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