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5 Ways to Keep Your Workouts Fun & Fresh

In a perfect world, we could all eat as much junk food and dessert as our hearts desired, and we wouldn’t gain a single pound. Unfortunately, life is pretty unfair and that’s not at all the case (especially the older we get). But for those of us who refuse to completely give up those chips and cookies, there are lots of different workouts and physical activities that can help us to not feel as guilty about treating ourselves from time to time.

If you read my 7 Unique New Year’s Resolutions to Try in 2019 post, then you would know that one of my suggested goals for this next year is not to focus on losing weight, but to get healthy! For me, that means nourishing my body with the good foods that it needs for energy (without worrying about calories), and exercising regularly! However, I know that “life happens” sometimes, and it can get incredibly difficult to set an attainable fitness goal and stick with it for an extended period of time. To try to prevent that, I have put together a growing list of things I can do to stay motivated and make my workouts a little more fun in 2019! Check out what’s on my list of ways to keep workouts fun and fresh!

5 Ways to Keep Your Workout Fun and Fresh:

1. Create an upbeat playlist to push your through your workout! I always try to have an energizing music playlist that I can put on shuffle to get through a long run, weight-lifting session, etc. It is typically filled with all of my favorite old and new songs that get my blood pumping! Here is the one that I have created (and will continue to add to) for 2019! Give it a listen the next time you’re at the gym!

*Side note: This playlist sounds even better when listened to with these BOSE Soundlink Wireless Headphones. (I actually bought these for John for Christmas, but I may be stealing them from him from time to time 😉)

2. Treat yourself to some new workout gear! I have always believed that when "you look good, you feel good," and nothing makes me look and feel better at the gym than when I have a new pair of bright, clean tennis shoes or when I have a matching workout outfit (that rarely happens though since I don't do my laundry regularly enough 😂). Because of that, whenever I go to an outlet mall, I rarely leave without a new pair of Nikes or dry-fit shirt and/or capris from Under Armour. And to make things even better: I recently found that I’m lucky enough to fit into youth-sized workout clothes and shoes, so I don't necessarily think of routinely 'treating myself to brand new workout gear' as a splurge.

3. Find yourself a supportive workout partner. Maybe it’s your S/O, a best friend, or even a fun co-worker. But having an encouraging person in your life who will keep you accountable and will join you on your trips to the gym, can be the most motivating (and fun!) piece when it comes to fitness!

4. Create goals and incentives for when you reach them. Nothing motivates me to work out more than the idea of a giant, overflowing bowl of ice cream on a Friday night, and I feel a lot less guilty treating myself to sweets/junk food/alcoholic beverages on a weekend after having several good workouts behind me.

5. Try something brand new to you! I have found that it is so important to switch up my workout routines. Not only is it good to work different muscles and challenge parts of my body, but I have found that variety is what helps motivate me the most. I’m planning on trying kickboxing and goat yoga this year as something fun and different! But I also try to incorporate my workouts into my leisure activities - especially on the weekends! Going for a hike is one of my favorite ways to "sneak" in a little extra physical activity on a weekend!

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*As I've mentioned in the past, I'm fortunate enough to fit into little girls' sizes, so everything I'm wearing in these photos is size Little Girls XL (shoes are Little Girls 6.5), but I have done my best to find similar options in both women's and girls' sizes!

Do you have a fitness-related New Year’s Resolution? Got any other tips to stay motivated? Let me know in the comments! As always, thanks for reading!

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