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10 Books to Read in 2019

Who else makes the goal of “reading more” every year, but then never actually does? 🙋‍. I truly do enjoy getting sucked into a good book, and I have an ever-growing list of titles that I would like to read someday. Unfortunately, life seems to have a tendency of getting in the way of leisure reading time. However, I do try (and usually succeed) at getting through a handful of books each year, and I have put together a list of books I’ve read recently or I plan to read throughout 2019. I have shared my list below! 📚

Some of the titles you may find familiar if you read my previous “Summer 2018 Reading List” post, but that’s because they are amazing and definitely worth mentioning again! Have you read any of the books on my list yet? What are some of your favorite titles? I am always looking for more books to add to my list of “must-reads,” so drop your suggestions below in the comments! 👇

Girl, Wash Your Face; by Rachel Hollis - I have hear nothing but great things about this book, and I think I could learn a lot about myself, comparison, and how to grow as a person.

Becoming, Michelle Obama - I truly believe that Michelle Obama is one of the most influential women of our time, and I’m excited to dive into her inspiring words of how she become the woman she is today.

Educated; by Tara Westover - Working in education, I obviously consider school a detrimental part of life. This memoir by Tara Westover offers a first-hand experience of someone’s journey and “struggle for life-invention,” and shows the vital importance of education in the modern world.

All The Missing Girls; by Megan Miranda - Excuse my taste in twisted, dark, dramatic thrillers, but this book has been compared to Gone Girl (which I loved back when it came out), so I am looking forward to reading it.

The Woman in the Window, A.J. Finn - I actually started reading this twisted thriller last August, but once school began in the fall, I had to place it on a back burner and I never actually got around to finishing it! I plan to start it over again and get all the way through it this year.

The Secrets Your Keep; by Kate White - This is the first book I have read so far this year! I actually read it while doing the stair-stepper at the gym. It contained the perfect amount of twists and cliff-hangers to keep me hooked! I highly recommend this one if you’re into dramatic thrillers.

The Perfect Nanny; by Leila Slimani - This books has as much thrill, jealousy, drama, and tension as the title suggests! It was one of the nation’s best-selling novels last year.

The Wife Between Us; by Greer Hendricks - This is another thriller for those of you Gone Girl and Girl On The Train fans. I have not read this YET, but it apparently involves two jealous women with fiendish motives. Something tells me that this novel will soon be made into a movie (or at least a Lifetime Original Movie 😉)

Tell Me More; by Kelly Corran - This is a collection of essays that addresses 12 powerful phrases we use to sustain our relationships. This New York Times Bestseller addresses some of life’s most challenging questions.

The Kept Woman; by Karen Slaughter - I have read a Karen Slaughter novel before, and this title was on my last summer’s reading list, but I simply have just not gotten it checked out to me through my library Overdrive App yet. I have been patiently waiting, but it’s getting harder and harder because I am DYING to read another one of Slaughter’s twisted, chilling thrillers.

As always, thanks for reading!

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